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Consulting Services & Packages
Automation Consulting

The RJCadvisors Automation Consulting Service is designed to help customers meet their automated testing objectives by assisting in script creation, test exeuction and reporting.


Service Description:This service will assist customers by helping to roll out automation solutions successfully.  Customers will gain the benefits of our expertise and eperience in all phases of their atomation effort.  Service options are:

·   Initial application assessment 

·   Identification of automation candidates

·   Automated functional regression scripting design & construction

·   Expert execution and analysis

·  Test management configuration consulting


Oracle Application Testing Suite JumpStart

The RJCadvisors OATS JumpStart is designed to help customers launch their automation effort by combining installation and configuration services with education and mentoring sessions. 



Service Description:  This service will assist users in setting up a complete Application Testing Suite (ATS) environment as well as provide advanced mentoring and best practices in ATS usage.  The service includes:


·         Initial application setup and configuration assistance

·         Introduction to Oracle Test Manager session

·         Introduction to Oracle OpenScript session

·         Introduction to Oracle Load Test session

·         Assistance & mentoring with automated script generation

·         Extensive hands-on training/mentoring


Service Deliverables:  Customers can expect the following deliverables at the conclusion of this service:


·         ATS training for up to 10 staff members

·         Training slides and related examples

·         Basic OpenScript script building mentoring for up to 3 staff members

·         Advanced scripting and troubleshooting methodologies

·         Scripting assistance against actual application (as time allows)

·         Final report/ signoff document summarizing results


 Benefits:  This service provides following benefits:


·         Validated test environment in place

·         Reduced test cycle times through successful test creation

·         Library of initial test scripts created

·         Ensures a trained, expert testing staff


  RJCadvisors Load Testing Services


RJCadvisors Load Testing Services is designed to help customers launch their applications

                  with the confidence they will scale and perform well in production 


Service Description:These services are broken down into several options, each option focuses on a particuar goal of load testing.The service options are:


·   Application Assessment

·   Baseline Testing

·  Spike Testing

·  Full Application